Email Hosting

Applied Information Systems can provide you with email hosting to ensure, secure, fast and reliable email hosting.  Features include:


Each account can be created independently and access rules can be assigned to each. The ability to view already read emails in offline mode is very useful when you are abroad and unlike other email accounts, there are no ads in Exchange.

-Updates Included

Every time there is an Exchange update, Applied Information Systems takes care of everything to make sure you automatically have the latest update. Updates are automatically and transparently deployed for users. Optional 24/7 support is also available for any questions you may have.


Applied Information Systems Exchange provides your emails with enhanced security. In addition to anti-spam and antivirus functionality, your data belongs to you and is covered by contract.

Web Hosting

Applied Information Systems can offer simple and effective hosting for your web site.  With options, such as shared hosting, VPS, or even dedicated servers.  We offer daily backups to ensure no data loss and fantastic up times.